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14th September 2018

Hubboards 2018 Australia Tour

“Please enjoy some amazing footage of Jeff and Dave Hubbard having a blast during the Hubboards 2018 Australia Tour. During this trip Jeff and Dave visited a few awesome bodyboard shops, organized a couple demo days at the beach, competed in the 2018 ABA Duranbah Pro, and also scored a couple great sessions of surf! Check out some of their new Hubboards bodyboards, swim fins, inflatable boog mats, wetsuits, accessories and more in action. Cheers to all the incredible mates that rocked up to the events. Mahalo for all your love and support!”

“Featuring Jeff and Dave Hubbard
Filmed and Edited by Matthew Tanaka
Special Thanks to Terry Fitzgerald, Bodyboard King, Emerald Bodyboard Specialists, Inverted Bodyboarding, ABA Tour, Ben Peasley, Choice Homes Queensland, Ray & Amber Collins, Moth,
MJ Creative, Timezone, Keeper Sports Products
Music by THBD “Good For You”