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riptide bodyboarding

VOYAGE PART ONE: 165 Days on the road.. Preface by Jimmy Williamson:- “Voyage is a three part online podcast following the ‘165 Days’ article in Riptide Issue 197. A mixed bag of friends and myself took shifts travelling over 30,000 km around the coast of Australia.”

“Even though we had no car service, 4 tire blow outs, encountered 1 mega shark, did a castle load of digging and fought off micro sleeps we managed to score some pretty epic waves. Voyage isn’t intending to be an award winning film – we simply wanted to document our waves. Having mainly travelled with Dane Bamberry, we took taking turns filming when we were man enough to surf solo. Putting some rookie footage together on a foreign editing program mixed with the music that kept us sane on the road, I present the Voyage series.”