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bsr wave pool

540 seconds of bodyboarding at BSR with Joes and Pros, Groms & OG’s + a surprise from 1 Bethany Hamilton.

A crew of blue collar bodyboarders from Fla, PR, OBX & CA took a moment away from their desks, job sites & assignments to have a bit of respite & fun.
Showcasing the lost art of having fun on a 42in boogie with the occasional tearing of the DK tail by CA tactician Kitcharty & friends & the aerial antics of Jay & Hector thrown in, it was 2 weekends to remember.

This clip showcases Jay Reale, Vicki Reale, Jason Doyle, Jadon Doyle, Nick Casina, Cully Crawford, Hector Diaz, David Long, Bobby Kitchart, Brian, Isaiah & Jeremiah Press, Bob Hovey & others from CA Crew having a blast!

Created by @flasponge footage by @c3picsandphotos.