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04th March 2014

Post Codes [Full Movie]

A document of the lives of a small group of friends centred around St. Ives and features quality riders you will not have heard of before, surfing locations you probably won’t have seen.

A movie by Martin Yelland. Contact him here ( for a DVD copy or any other enquiries.

“Back in the day St Ives had a huge and dedicated bodyboarding crew. Guys like Martin Craven, Colin Stirling and Johnnie Wells were some of the first Brits to charge in Hawaii, and whilst they have long since forsaken the boogs, it’s great to see St Ives-based bodyboarder Martin Yelland take up the reins and produce this movie.”

The high-impact opening section, slicky-edited to a heavy soundtrack has a definite Rampage feel to it, hardly surprising since Rampage editor Johnnie Wells himself does the honours in the edit suite on the Post Codes DVD too. Post Codes centres around a small group of mates loosely based in St Ives: Tim ‘Albino’ Brown, Darren ‘Dirtbox’ Stevens, Yelland himself, Mark ‘Sugar Lips’ Baker and Yorkshire maverick Richard ‘Smudge’ Smith. Many other characters crop up on the vid, including a bunch of young Hawaiians on a boat trip in Indo.

There’s tons of sick footage from around our shores, with Cornwall obviously heavily featured, along with a sick Scotland section. The North East coast is a highlight, the place absolutely goes off. Smudge’s deep throaty keg on a righthander is the wave of the vid.” – Mike Searle