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bodyboarder on the rocks

We have all been there at one time or another: A countdown to the worst and most amusing entry / exit “rock based” beatdowns.

** We’re pretty sure we have missed one or two classics, let us know in the comments which ones. **

10), “EPIC FAIL bodyboarding”

Lets start this list off with a relatively gentle one, a miss timed jump off that could have ended up a lot worse.

9), Kez on the rocks

A lone UK bodyboarder getting into a spot of bother during a jump off.

8), Secret Gallego – Autumn

A few empties of a secret Gallego (Northern Spain) slab, complete with a sketchy exit from the water.

7), How NOT to exit the water! | “Here comes the pain train”

Some poor guy getting turned upside down during an exit on a sketchy Moroccan cliff climb.

6), Bodyboarder washed off rocks

A guy called Alex getting drilled while trying to get up the rocks in Noosa, we would wager he lost some skin on this one!?

5), Rissole – Cape Solander

This one isn’t technically an entry or exit, Rissole getting caught inside at Cape Solander and enduring a lengthy beating against the cliffs.

4), Simon Murphy – Fronton

Almost a carbon copy of Rissoles beating from above, the only difference being the lung aching amount of white water he has to deal with.

3), Rock Jump Fail

I think this guy used one of his 9 lives while trying negotiate this rock jump at Knights Beach, South Oz.

2), Getting Smashed at Bronte Rocks

Definitely the most serious situation of the list: A guy (seemingly out of his depth) taking the kind of beatdown you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. If in doubt, don’t go out!!

1), How not to get in the water

While this isn’t the most horrific clip of the list, we put it at number one just for the comedy value. Cam Green, Charles and Harley Ward miss-time the jump off at Shipsterns Bluff.

BONUS CLIP: Airan Cabrera caught inside – El Gringo

While this clip dropped just after we put this post together, we felt it had to be included.. Canarian ripper Airam Cabrera, getting a serious beatdown up against the rocks at El Gringo, Luckily the water patrol was at hand to get him to safety.