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george humphreys

Lewy Finnegan has been out of action recently with a major hip operation, so he has taken a break from being in-front of the camera and instead concentrating his efforts in filming. Here is a clip featuring one of his Amigos, George Humphreys, absolutely on the tear at Medge. Film, edit and story below by Lewy.

“Everyone keeps asking me if it’s painful for me to film pumping waves and not be out there taking part in the action. My honest answer is ‘no’, but only under one condition – If the people who are surfing are surfing well. If i’m filming pumping waves and all the guys out in the surf are blowing every bowl and nosediving on every steep take-off then i’ll literally be pulling my hair out. I’d prefer to not be there at all. But If i’m filming George out at Wedge, a wave where he’s nearly always riding the best out of anyone, then i’ll happily sit on the rocks and film him doing his thing.”

“Of course i’d PREFER to be surfing but I still have numerous fracture in my pelvis from my major operation 4 months ago, so it’s not at all feasible. To still be a part of a good session, even though I’m the person behind the lens and not in front of it (like i’m used to) is very enjoyable. It takes a team to create a clip, not just a rider, and it was awesome to get this session with George and work together with him to create this little clip from a single afternoon of surfing.”

“I’m so excited to get back in the water and do what I love, but for now it’s not quite possible, so i’m doing my best to stay involved with the sport and my friends and pushing myself to keep progressing in different aspects of my life.”