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bodyboard azores

“ATLANTIC ISOLATION – a short clip filmed during the 2019-20 winter season in São Miguel island, Azores. Although far from being a pumping winter, I tried my best to be present in the few good days.”

“The name of the video inspired by the coronavirus pandemic that forced the Azores in total shut down and isolation. Fortunately, we weren’t that affected as people were concerned and some of the smallest islands remained untouched. People and things are slowly and cautiously coming back up for the past few weeks now.”

“With the rise of tourism in the last few years especially in São Miguel, the isolation brought peace to nature that we have not seen at least for five years, back in 2015 when the azorean government opened the airspace to other aviation companies for the first time ever, making it easier and cheaper to fly over.”

“Many of the well-known lagoons and landscapes you can see through the video are completely stripped from people for months now. It’s amazing to see nature and its species taking a break from the chaotic tourism.” – Rodrigo Rijo

Directed and edited by Rodrigo Rijo
Filmed by Rute Narciso