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The Blinking Island Official Trailer

“The Blinking Island” is an audiovisual project filmed in documentary format, featuring: Diego Cabrera, Kevin Orihuelar, Marcos Herrera, Alejandro Rodríguez and Diego Borges. Follow them as they go in search of the legendary San Borondón Island, an island that appears and disappears at the will of the ocean.

Screenplay: Hugo Clemente.
Director: Diego Borges
Photography and color correction: Christian Rosillo
Aerial Photography: Marcos Herrera
Starring: Diego Cabrera, Kevin Orihuela, Marcos Herrera, Alejandro Rodriguez and Diego Borges

The movie is filmed in the Canary Islands.
It will premiere on the big screen in August 2016 and will travel through numerous film festivals.

Sponsors: The Tourist Board Arona (Playa de las Americas, Tenerife) and the city of Santiago del Teide.