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arica bodyboard

Pride was the official sponsor of the 2019 Arica Cultura Bodyboard. Here is a recap of all the action that went down during the waiting period with a mix of free-surf and comp action filmed by Nicolás Díaz & Matias Díaz and edited by Matias.

Featuring: Pierre-Louis Costes, Alan Muñoz, Matias Diaz, Amaury Lavernhe, Uri Valadao, Dudu Pedra, Jeff Hubbard, Tanner McDaniel, George Humphreys, Jared Houston, Igor Sanchez, Josh Kirkman, Cristobal Sciaraffia, Christian Fernandez, Davis Blackwell, Diego Berrios, Julian Gonzalez, Miguel Rodriguez, Iain Campbell, Tufi Fernandez, Yvon Martinez and Maikol Pascal.