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bodyboard chile

28 minutes of action from Chile, featuring all the usual faces tearing apart the shallow slabs of Iquique. A film that pays tribute to the late and great Alexander Wittmann Guerrero, RIP brother. Direction, film and edit: Morzart @lucasmorzart

Graphics: Lautaro Cisneros.
Drone: Jinete, Hanz Cool IQQ.
Additional footage: Jorge Ceballos, Nicolas Diaz CANON R5, Mauro Vivanco, Uriel Vera, Cristobal Sciaraffia and Luis Vicuña.

0:00 Intro
01:02 Mix riders
4:55 Alan Muñoz
6:53 Patricio Galay
10:04 Locura
12:26 Matias Diaz
14:12 Locura 2
14:59 Cristobal Sciaraffia
16:39 Yoshua Toledo
17:31 DK NOT DEAD Jaime Herrera
18:05 DK NOT DEAD Leonardo Alar
19:07 Matias Peña
20:10 Paloma Freyggang
22:17 Alexander Wittmann Guerrero
24:50 Ceremonia