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drop in tahiti

One of the more controversial waves in recent past, Local John Duval “drops in” on Hawaiian surfer David Wassel. This is what happens when a blow in takes too many waves at Sapinus, Tahiti. (See below the video for the Tahitian locals response)

The Tahitians response (Translated from French)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013. In a video interview Hawaiian Dave Wassel has been in a bomb exploding in the face of all the Tahitian surfers. The Hawaiian said, while sharpening a knife, that the bodyboarder ‘snuck a wave’, ie it has blown his priority, which caused him to fall against the reef at Sapinus. Painful consequences that could actually have been even worse. On the internet we read a comment that sums up a totally different view: “Dave Wassel, you’re a haole c..t.”

Respect locals and spots. John Duval ‘snuck’ your attitude, not your wave. Why don’t you tell the Internet that day you took all the ‘bombs’ and they got tired of your attitude? Why do not you tell them that you didn’t even try to bring assistance from the jet-shi to the boy while he was on the verge of drowning. He was simply trying to enforce certain limits not to cross.

Different local bodyboarders were on the spot this May 13, 2013, including Nicolas Richard and John Duval. The current was very strong and difficult to hold position. After waiting over an hour and to see the Hawaiian get on wave towed by a jet ski, John, saw the Hawaiian deep inside, so springs and falls in the impressive void crashing to the bottom of the wave. The wave after that is the one Nicolas will start and will not happen either to make.

John Duval went to the brink of drowning.
John Duval, following this terrible ‘wipe out’ finds himself in big trouble on the edge of drowning and will not be rescued but he managed to reach safety on his own, totally exhausted.

Certain locals believe that Sapinus should not become like Teahupo’o.

One of the rules that is commonly understood is that when there are surfers or bodyborders taking waves paddling, jet skis and tow surfing should be banned and for surfing towed. It happens on Teahupo’o waves more than 7-8 meters, not those of Sapinus 5-6 meters surfable even by those who have the attributes.
We read also that ‘paddling will always take precedence over surfing towed’ & ‘Does Dave really believe he could get out of where he was?’

Tahiti is not Hawaii. The Polynesian surfer has a nice reputation and welcoming but some limits must be respected. In light of the many comments, apparently these limits were trampled by the Hawaiian Dave Wassel.
Different people involved in this episode were there but have refused this time to comment, saying that the situation was very tense like that. A video response through a specialized international media is being prepared by a group of bodyboarders, surfers and personalities of local surfers. SB

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