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Shacks and Shakas

“Shacks and Shakas” A Hawaiian Style Film, Aloha version online viewing for those who didn’t get a copy or those who haven’t seen this Maui based Bodyboarding project. Up only for a limited time. The reason behind it all is “Shacks and Shakas 2” will be coming to the Big Screen late 2014 or into 2015 .

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“Here on Maui we are all about being one whether it’s in the water or on land in this film we incorporate aloha, music, and a lifestyle that is quite laid back. Shot on locations like Tahiti, Oahu, and Maui. Big – Small – Fun – Heavy – Prone – DK – Aloha – Shacks and Shakas has it all. Come join us and enjoy this long awaited original Maui Bodyboarding feature.”

Featured Riders: Jacob Romero – Kona Kuailani – Leroy Kaiwi – Kingsley Uaiwa – Kevin Delmore – Jeff Hubbard – Chris Won Taloa – Jimmy Hutaff – David Tuarau – Mike Stewart – Guilherme Tamega – Micah Mcmullin – Spencer Skipper – Tom Rigby – Josh Garner – Michael Novy – Battz – Dubb – Dmarx – Kili – Maui Locals – Oahu Locals – Tahiti Locals – Australian riders and much more.