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andre botha bodyboarding

From the description:- “December 30, 2012 – Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time. The morning rained hard and I struggled to find a large enough tree to hide under. All the good ones were occupied by photographers. I eventually ended up squatting next to one with a lens long enough to see facial expressions. A heavy downpour forced all the shooters next to each other under the tree in front of the bathroom so I decided to hide in the car and enjoy my paper bag lunch early. On the way back to the pipe I ran into a friend of mine that shoots the Oakley team who informed me that most of the pipe regulars were on Maui surfing Jaws and that there is a bodyboarder out right now going mental. I got these clips within an hour with barely any other shooters on the beach. Featuring Andre Botha, Trevor Kam, Davin Alexander, Christopher Taloa and more. Chris chose “King Heroin” by James Brown as the tune. Mahalo 662 Mob, Empire, ERS4, Ally Swim fins, and NMD.”