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“Doing a film on a surfer, booger and kneeboarder requires a decent dose of the absurd, which we here @ ZION have in abundance. Chasing the untouched crest to the coldest corners of the earth above all else requires a reasonable amount of absurd. Powered by all this absurdity and not a lot else we bring you No Country For Cold Men, a moderate to highly absurd modern day multi craft pilgrimage exploring the upper echelons of cool. And by cool I mean icy bone rattling cold. This is a teaser to the real thing and if you like icy realms and anything remotely absurd then come to the World Premiere and Icelandic winter feast.”

Garrett Parkes – James Kates – Cheyne Simpson
World Premiere and Iceland Winter Feast, Friday 28th August
7pm @ The Stoke Factory
101 Swan St