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bodyboard java
02nd September 2019


“A short bodyboarding film filled with barrels, airs, travel, friends and experiences that outweigh any currency. Indonesia can be such a playground. Turn up the volume, press play and enjoy.” – Tanek Rucynski.

RIDER//EDIT- Tanek Rucynski
SPONSORS- @662mob, @boobieshack, @nmdboardco, @allyswimfins, @sixsixtwo_hi
MUSIC- “Shine a Little Light” by the Black Keys
“Are We Still Friends?” by Tyler, The Creator

FILMED BY- Arrys Surf Camp, Aldo Isdiaji Gumilang, Fauzi Fran, Jefri Prabowo, Lachlan Ainsworth, Enrique Rodriguez, Kai Hemmitt, Reis Shimabukuro