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riptide experiment

“It’s back.” With those words on page 13 of Riptide #194 a concept synonymous with world-class bodyboarding begins in earnest. It’s been a long time between drinks for the Experiment issue (six years) — the word alone conjures visions of perfect waves and the open road — and we’re ecstatic to be bringing it back for those who grew up with the iconic issues, and to expose the younger generations to the Experiment.

Not only is it an opportunity to reward the highest-voted riders in the world for their efforts during the past year (2012 Bodyboarder of the Year rankings), it’s a chance to throw them in a situation completely foreign to anything else that exists in the world bodyboarding media. Who are these riders you ask? The Experiment Seven team consists of:

– 2012 Riptide Bodyboarder of the Year Dave Winchester
– 2011 World Champion Pierre Louis Costes
– 2 x World Champion Ben Player
– 2 x Women’s World Champion Isabela Sousa
– 2012 Dropknee World Champion Sacha Specker
– South African superstar Jared Houston
– Freesurfing extraordinaire Jase Finlay
– 2012 Riptide Grom of the Year Lewy Finnegan

Welcome to Experiment Seven — mutiny, comradeship and redemption in the Mentawai Islands. Shot and Edited by Michael Jennings