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03rd December 2015


To those of you who grew up watching Mike & Tamega on old films like Bonythons ‘RAW’, Stroheys ‘Underground Tapes’ and Boyles ‘Bodyboarding Video Magazines’. At the attempt to hone your skills while trying to figure out how to cross your legs or hit the lip at the right angle to do full rotation air forwards this is way before the day of online how to’s and streams of unlimited content on the internet, the tool back then was freeze frame slow mo on the limited number of vids that were around back then… you had to press the button over and over on that old silver vcr remote going through each frame which over time stretched the tape and ruined your favourite vids but it made you surf better.

To add to the nostalgia here’s a piece with Stewart and Tamega going head to head in 2015 some would say surfing better than ever.. Both riding in their old school trademark colour-ways from the nineties while showing you how age is no barrier or at least for these two.. Mike turned 52 during his early season trip to Secret Sumatra but he’s seen here doing a forward spin into the barrel then an ars out.

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This is just to say by The Running Touch
Water Cinematography & Edit
Dean Fergus
Land Angle
Dave Heavyside