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Abner Scoppetta

Some action with Abner Scoppetta during a recent trip to Puerto Escondido. Images: Gustavo Carvalho, Oscar Sanchez, Luigi Accorsi and Daniel Flash. Edit: Gabriel Leal.

“The Brazilian bodyboarder Abner Scoppetta did a surf trip to Mexico, where he stayed for 16 days in his screenplay, visited Sun-Moon Pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico City, where you can experience the local culture and stories, then left behind the perfect waves of Zicatela in Puerto Escondido, Abner was accompanied by his friend Alex Detter, and also from local Oscar Sanchez, principal Bodyboarder the region.”

Abner Scoppetta mexico

“No doubt it was the best Surf Trip of my life, Mexico is very rich culturally, and the Mexican is a very simple and receptive people, not to mention the waves, I think I never saw a place so constant, combined with hot water and offshore every day. “

“For this surf trip Abner had the support of: Urla, Snowfly, Bullet HD, Truzz, Widex Travel and Parafina Propaganda.”