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The NYMPH 2023/24 Range is now available on their website, and to celebrate we have teamed up to offer 10% OFF all wetsuits with code WBB10.. Get some!!

While thinking of Mother Nature and prioritising the exclusive use of Yulex Natural Rubber® in the development of Nymph Wetsuits, they also refined every little detail to provide their professional athletes and customers with warmth, comfort, stretch, and durability.

The 2023/24 range represents NYMPH’s best achievements so far in terms of these properties. Here’s what 2x World Champion Tristan Roberts has to say about the Nymph 5/4 Polar Hooded: ‘This is the warmest and most comfortable wetsuit I’ve ever worn. Being from South Africa, I’m used to very cold water temperatures. I love long & solo sessions, but some wetsuits just don’t provide that. Since I received my first samples of the 5/4 Hooded, I can basically surf until I feel surfed out and my body is sore from landings.’

Nymph Wetsuits: Premium & Sustainable Water Garments 🌱