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above bodyboarding movie
17th December 2023


ABOVE is an exploration of today’s world of bodyboarding. Using the analogy of a seven-course tasting menu, ABOVE aims to convey the beauty, scents, and flavors of each country showcased in the film through the director perspective and high performance bodyboarding.

A collaborative project directed by Sebastien Boulard & Edouard Houssin.

Proudly supported, in no particular order, by Ocean Roots, Nymph Wetsuits, Stealth Army, Bodyboard King, Pride Bodyboards, Bodyboard Center, Maison Adam, & Air Tahiti Nui.

Starring Liam Lucas, Marli Dunn, Steph Kokorelis, Lewy Finnegan, Tristan Roberts, Pierre-Louis Costes, Antonio Saraiva, Ethan Capdeville, Miguel Coelho, Manea Fabisch, Kirahu Thibaud, Maxime Castillo, Moises Silva, Louka Zaninotto & more.

With the collaboration of Antonio Saraiva, Gastao Entrudo, Jack Bury, Simon Levalois & many more behind the lens.

Media partners Vert Magazine & We Bodyboard
Soundtrack by Russell Webster, Meses Sobrio, & The M1
Artwork by Paul Meneau
Colors by Eudes Quittelier
Motion & compositing V2 Films
Chef Clément Lemoine Scelles
Waitress Laura Ballereau

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