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01st October 2015

Freedom Wild Movements

Nine minutes of pure action with the Dunes team, shot in mainland Spain and in the Canary Islands. From KarpeNorthCoast.

From the description:- “In the manuscript in ancient Irish Lebor Gabala Érenn relates the construction of the Irish national identity, mixture of history, mythology, legends and folklore… King Breogan built in the city of Brigantia, located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, a tower height such that their children, could see a distant shore green from the top. The vision of the distant land led them to the north up to Ireland, where Ith he would be killed.In revenge, the sons of Mil (grandson of Breogan and nephew of Ith) sailed from Brigantia to Ireland and conquered it.”

“A group of seasoned warriors, twinned with Ireland, who inhabit forests and lost villages in a magical land called Galicia. They awake in the middle of the darkness and the mist showing mutant wild waves, a lifestyle linked to the sea, land and freedom. Without conventions, the video shows the freedom of the god Breogan´s sons.”

Dunes Europe Team Riders:
Kako García (ESP)
Andrés Manso (ESP)
Jeimei Moreno (ESP)
Ismael Sánchez (ESP)
Juan Enrique (PUR)

Dunes Europe Friends
Hugo Sánchez (ESP)
Daniel Suárez (ESP)
Maka Uli (ESP)
Geoff Vaquie_Trip Surf Galicia (FRA)
Carlos Lorenzo (ESP)
Rafa Melero (ESP)
Majd Amine (MAR)

Samuel Simo
Angel Lopez
Ale Ramírez
Moncho Dapena
Antonio Santiago
Gabby Aybar
Bruno Labrioche

Supported by:
– Dunes Int.
– Dunes Wetsuits Europe suppliers.
– Karpe North Coast Productions.

Special thanks:
– Matt Hall, Dunes Cronulla crew.
– Irene Aneiros, Karpe North Coast.
– Morocco, Puerto Rico, France, Canary Islands Dunes Crew.