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27th October 2015


The Free Surf World Tour has teamed up with international music producer Pogo for some real fun with the FSB Australia Indian Highlight Reel.

Pogo (Nick Bertke) is a music producer and remix artist based in Perth, Western Australia. His music has garnered over 110 million plays on YouTube and integration with many major studios and agencies around the world. Pogo also takes his work on the road having performed at the Guggenheim Museum, The Highline Ballroom and in most major cities across North America.

FSB Australia Indian Ocean 2015 (Includes WA, SA, Victoria, Tasmania and Asia)
The south west coast of Australia is home to the heaviest waves on earth. The isolation, remoteness and shear danger of this region combined with the giant raw and powerful swells the Southern Ocean sends marching towards its shoreline would be enough to turn any sane man away. However the small hardy bunch of bodyboarders that call this area home are some of the most talented on earth. Expect this event to deliver big wave charging, death defying antics plus the x factor of athletes choosing to show us some the best Asia has to offer.