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Shaun Petersen

UPDATED: Checking in with 2013 Jeff Wilcox Memorial champ Shaun Petersen. Shot/Edit: SullyVision. Music: Wish- Pictures.

The importance of this event is for our communities to inspire kids for personal and sport growth. Jeff Wilcox passed away at such a young age due to Cancer. Jeff was an amazing sportsman and ambassador for the Great Lakes. This event is built around a young mans legacy with pride and passion for youth involved in sport and the community.

2014 Jeff Wilcox Memorial August 30-31 (Entry Closing Date: Friday, 15th ). Location: Great Lakes, NSW (Tuncurry, One Mile, Seven Mile Beach, Bulls Paddock, Boomerang, Blueys, Elizabeth Beach, Number 1 Seals Rocks, Boat Beach, Lighthouse Beach Seals Rocks).

There will be four divisions:
Juniors (must be17yrs or younger by 31st December 2013)
Women (Open)
Drop Knee (Open)
Open Men
Masters (35yrs or older)

$300 for Wave of the Comp
All event information

2014, is refining the process, building the audience and developing a foundation for now and the future of surfing events in the Great Lakes. The areas JWM2014 committee are focusing to improve and showcase are as follows:-

– Documenting and coverage of the event prior, during and post event to make sure the Great Lakes is known as one of the best and most reliable locations on the East Coast for the Boog.
– Glen Sullivan will be shooting the event with the Red Epic Camera, and other cameras, he has also organised 2 other point of view videographers.
– Spencer Frost will be the Eye in the Sky
– Capturing via film, photo of the event, the entertainment and location spots via, land, water and the sky.
– Education of the youth, 3-4 coaching clinics for youth under 17yrs, with Da Boogie Man, Brenden Newton, Jase Finlay and Marine Rescue Forster Tuncurry
– Highest quality of impartial judges that see every wave ridden, judge equally and fairly for the colour of the Rashie.

Jeff Wilcox Memorial 2014