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03rd August 2012

Movement Issue 40

The promo teaser for the latest Movement Magazine, Issue 40! A mix of Stills and a few sick clips thrown in!

“Movement has always prided itself on doing the best it can do. Some people might say that is to our detriment as we have never made a cent in the 8 years, but we feel that nothing beats cracking open a magazine for the first time and feeling the weight, touching the texture and the smell the ink of beautiful pages. To feel proud of something that you have created is worth the hard work we put into it.”

“Issue 40 is another example of why we bodyboard and why we – Movement Magazine – makes magazines and is something that we’re really proud off. This issue covers an epic escape with Jeff Hubbard through some secret spots of Indonesia where he finds out he can still fly despite having clipped wings. Jack Johns and Ben Player brave the Baltic cold and venture up into the far Northern Atlantic in search of new waves into the land of Northern Lights. Mike Stewart shows us a matrix of his life and what makes him the best to have ridden a bit of foam. Then there’s the rest of the content that you usually find in every issue all packed into 200 pages, squeezed between two hard covers and all coming to a newsagent or surf store near you.”

“We hope when you read this mammoth issue it makes you as proud of riding a bodyboard as it makes us, because you are the reason we make this magazine.” – Movement Mag