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It was in his veins all along. His power was just waiting to be unleashed. Ethan, descendant of France’s boog first-ever king, Nicolas Capdeville. Raised in les Landes, he grew up watching “Rock The Life,” starring his peak-performing father riding Pipeline.

As Ethan’s skills grew faster than you could imagine, there was still a missing piece in his riding. The boog world demanded heavy slabs and massive punts to honor his father’s legacy. Just the thought gave young Ethan the shivers—he used to rather stick to beach breaks, to be honest.

His father, Nicolas, took matters into his own hands, harkening back to a medieval French ritual. He had his son bathe in his father’s blood to tap into the strength and recklessness of their ancestors. And tap in he did.

Ethan is Europe’s new boogie prince, and there’s bound to be more blood spilled on his way to the throne.

A film by Sebastien Boulard
Starring Ethan Capdeville
Still Photography & Gaffer Armen Djerrahian
Main Action Cinematography (France, Spain) Laurent Hauc
Color Grading Eudes Quittelier
Motion Design Lilian Pelletier
Grip Rafael Espindola
Canary Island Footage Courtesy of Quemao Class & Shipsternity
Additional Footage Simon Levalois & Stand Up Creating