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big wave awards

The tour highlights of the Nomad Bodyboards Big Wave Awards 2016, winner to be announced on the 13th of April.

With the ABA heading up to the Inverted Dbah Pro next week, we thought it would be a perfect time to celebrate the maniacs that made up the Nomad Big Wave Awards in 2015. After the newly developed initiative last year, the Nomad Big Wave Awards saw some of the sport’s big wave surfers chase the biggest swells around the world, all vying for the ‘Biggest Wave’. A title that will also be awarded that we’re sure most weren’t deliberately chasing but is deserved for the dedication and commitment is the ‘Biggest Wipeout’.

As the action wrapped up at the end of 2015, each rider nominated 4 judges in the sport that they thought would cast a fair score through their own experiences. The judges; Ben Player, Ryan Hardy, Jase Finlay and world tour head judge Craig Hadden need no introduction and are at the forefront of high performance and big wave bodyboarding. Each judged was asked to score each rider over a number of categories including the size of the wave, commitment and control demonstrated, degree of difficulty of the move and the depth of barrel.

Who will take out the inaugural Nomad Big Wave Awards? Come down and check out the Inverted Dbah Pro next weekend where we will be proudly announcing the winners of the Nomad Big Wave Awards.