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01st May 2021

O.N.E 2021 // Episode 5

Premiering on 04/05/21 at 8pm GMT! O.N.E 2021 // Episode 5 – A Worldwide Collaboration Project.

O.N.E (or Our Naked Eye) is back for 2021, a series of short bodyboarding films that intendeds to remove all cultural, physical and geographical differences, to unite us all in the hunt for that priceless view, the inside of a barrel. It doesn’t matter if you are a world champion or underground pit pilot, all are welcome.

We thought now was the time to bring this project back after a 6 year absence, partly due to the current situation with COVID-19. Many are isolated and some cannot even get to the coast to surf, this project is a way for us all to share a few barrels together and have some fun. This is bodyboarding at it’s purest…

Conceptualised and edited by Emanuel Silva // Blasfémia Produções
Produced and managed by Jason Kempshall // We Bodyboard

A HUGE thank you to all the bodyboarders involved in this episode:-
Abner Scoppetta, Aday Borges Baez, Amaury Lavernhe, Andre Botha, Andre Paiva, Axel Chevallier, Ben Buchanan, Bruce Donkin, Carlos Sanz, Fabio Aquino, Hugo Macatrão, Iain Campbell, Jacob Romero, Jay Maguire, Jeff Hubbard, John Mcdonald, Jon Escrish Peña, Jose De La Rosa, Kyle Drury, Lewi Skinner, Lilly Pollard, Manea Fabish, Mário Birra, Matt Purnell, Maxime Oulhen, Nicolas Correas, Phill Underwood, Pierre Louis Costes, Ricardo Ferreira, Richard Diaz, Shaun Petersen, Tahir Pinto, Tapatoa Tehoarii and Toby Player.

Keep an eye out for Episode 6 coming soon!! – Yewww Jason and Emanuel!!