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ONE pov bodyboard
17th November 2013

O.N.E – Trailer / Leftovers

O.N.E (Our . Naked . Eye) – Online premier Mid december. A short film that is intended to remove all cultural, physical and geographical differences, to unite us all in the hunt for that priceless view, within the barrel.. whether it be 2 foot Hossegor or 8 foot Chopes, bringing all of our “visions” into O.N.E.

Over the last 6 months Blasfémia Produções and We Bodyboard have been collecting POV footage from all over the world from different riders at different breaks. We received such a great response, with multiple clips per rider it seemed a shame not to show off the “leftovers” or “B-roll” footage… this is the result… Enjoy!

A huge thanks to all the riders: Abner Scoppetta, Adrian Emerton, Afonso Alexandre, Alexander Bartroff, António Cardoso, Bernardo Jerónimo, Brad Gilles, Bruce Donkin, Chris Fletcher, Cristian Perez, Daniel Magalhães, Davo Fever, Eric Paopao, Francisco Horta, Frederico Rigor, Frederico Vargas, Fábio Laureano, Helliton Loureiro, Hugo Macatrão, Irwin Cloarec, Jaime Jesus, James Dettmann, Justi Freitas, Lucas Machado, Luke Morgan, Luke Rickeard, Manea Fabisch….

…Manuel Centeno, Martin Ugarte, Matthew Davenport, Maxime Gateaud, Mehdi Zine, Michael Angelucci, Michael Veltman, Miguel Blajchman, Miguel Soares, Nuno Trovão, Omid Moraveji, Orlando Santos, Pedro Oliveira, Peter Davis, Phill Grech, Pierre De Villiers, Ricardo Ferreira, Ricardo Martínez, Ruben Alves, Ryan Dale, Sacha Damjanic, Simon Bell, Simon Haley, Sérgio Reis, Tiago Tavares, Vasco Tonel and Wanjun Michael.