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Old’s Cool with Evan Fa
07th February 2016

Old’s Cool with Evan Fa

“Getting old isn’t so bad. It’s actually pretty cool. Although you get sore more easily, you get smarter and wiser. That’s where I got this “wise” idea to patch together some one to two to three year old clips I’ve been sitting on like a troll does his gold. Since bodyboarding is sort of a poor man’s sport, and I can’t afford to pay people to film me, I had to coax my friends into trading getting barreled themselves in exchange for sitting on the rocks, sand, or even in the water to shoot clips of me so I could eventually show it all off to people on the web to boost my self-esteem.”

“So, as you can see, people sweated in the sun, and I donated some flesh to the reef, in the making of this two minute montage. I’m not saying you have to like it, but I think it warrants some appreciation because of these reasons. If not for me, then for my friends—Eric Schnitzler at, Wade “Wade-O” Saunders, Robbie Crawford at, Matthew Tanaka at 662 Ride Shop Hawaii, and Chad Stickney at HCW Waterhousings—that did all of the hard work.
Special thanks to Custom X Bodyboards | + PMA for crafting the best boards, my friends at Duck Village Outfitters (DVO) as well as da boys at The JerseyMobb”

I especially have to thank my beautiful wife Chantony for understanding why I sometimes ditch her early in the morning to go jump in the water. Oh yeah, and the music is a snippet from Aesop Rock’s mixtape, “The Blob.”
Cheers to getting older … and more sore” -Evan Fa