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passing though bodyboarding-movie-1
23rd December 2021


One of (if not) the best bodyboarding movies of recent years is back online for your viewing pleasure, PASSING THROUGH from Wild Hearted Press. A huge thank you to Phil Gallagher for bringing this back to the community!

Filmed in South Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Japan, Western Australia, Indonesia, Brazil and Tahiti.

Featuring: Nick Gornall, Tom Rigby, Pierre Louis Costes, Jared Houston, Jase Finlay, Dallas Singer, Jake Stone, Michael Novy, Sam Bennett and more..

Produced by Wild Hearted Press:
Phil Gallagher
Luke Shadbolt
James Kates

Directed by James Kates & Phil Gallagher.
Cinematography and edit by James Kates

Music From:-
Jono Parks
Peter Koster
Jon Nivala
Slow Down Mango
Russell & Alastair Webster
Tropical Strength @tropicalstrength
The Super Trip @thesupertrip
Jack and Elmo
The Pinheads @thepinheadz
The Walking Who
The Generals
Shining Bird @shiningbiird
You Beauty