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Ryan Hardy – Margies Boy

Jan 06

Ryan Hardy was born in Margaret River to Tasmanian born surfer Tony Hardy and nature lover Jacqui Hardy. The youngest of 4 brothers, Ryan was raised in a small country town far away from the bodyboard hotspots of the 1990’s that included Cronulla, Port Mac and the bodyboard pioneering countries of Hawaii and California.

As a young teenager obsessed with the new bodyboard magazines and videos of the time, Ryan had a dream to one day become one of the best bodyboarders in the world like Mike Stewart, Ben Severson and the pioneering professionals of the sport that he studied obsessively in the videos and magazines.

‘Margies Boy’ is a short film that tells the story of a young boy that dedicated his life to achieving his childhood dream. Against all odds, Hardy emerged from a remote corner of the most isolated continent in the world to compete against the world’s best with a style that has been respected and emulated by peers and fans the world over. Hardy was extremely driven to succeed and it was his desire to be the best and tenacious ability to push himself in all circumstances that ultimately led to his success. Cover Photo By Mike Maxted.

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