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how to bodyboard

A cutback reverse threesixty is not only an incredibly cool looking move it’s also one of the most functional. Instead of riding down the line away from the power pocket this move will allow you to return to the power source of the wave in style. Not only can you create a long, arcing cutback, you will add a reverse spin to give it some flair.

When first learning the move the cutback will only be small. As you progress you will learn to draw out the carving cutback more and more and then finish with a tight reverse spin to finish. This will allow you to get right back to the pocket and plug back in to the speed from the wave.

Look at riders like Mitch Rawlins for inspiration; he has taken carving reverse spins to the next level. The better that you get at them, the steeper the section you will be able to perform them in and the deeper the carve will become. In turn the fan of spray will become bigger.