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15th December 2015


A very cool clip from the guys at BACKWASH magazine, featuring a variety of wave riding disciplines from all over the world:-

“We are the folds and creases in your heart. The steps in the face, the ledge, the lip. We are dislodged boulders, havoc of the storm, wasted land. We are bare teeth, chicken skin, ill rhythm. Moving water, howling gale, slowing time. Exhaled smoke, mad laughter, broken flesh, the rough edges of addiction. We came to this place by chance, through hunger, from passion. We are the dry reef, the whip crack, the spit.”

Our motley crew has distilled this offering down, argued it out over whisky in foul Irish storms, survived on a diet of controversy and the sheer brilliance of our contributors and the surfers and bodyboarders before the lens. And of course the Atlantic and the North Sea, our home and from where we are proud to raise this flag and invite you, whoever you are or wherever you’re from, to join us. This is publishing/producing without fear, living out in the bitter, grimy edges, glad for the community of wave-riding folk knitted together in these pages and films.”

Riders: Alex Botelho, George Franklin, Trevor Gordon, Josh Kerr, Cain Kilcullen, Shaun Manners, Seamus O’Riain, Ben Player, Fergal Smith, Matt Smith and Patch Wilson.

Cameras: Michael Boula Darrigade, Gustavo Carvalho, Calum Creasey, Andrew Kaineder, Vincent Kardasik, Chris McClean and Tomas Paiva Raposo. Edit/Colour: Chris McClean. Music: Lorn – Ghosst(s) Warp Recordings.