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Perfect contest conditions, crazy shorebreaks, insane technical riding and healthy dose of Shark Island, 2017 has been a great year for bodyboarding. Here is a countdown of the 10 most popular videos on Here is hoping 2018 will bring the same and more!

#10, 2016 Done and Dusted

Emerald presents 4 minutes of insane slab action shot over the last Australian winter. Film & Edit Matt Sekla.

#9, Arica Chilean Challenge 2017 Final Day Highlights

Highlights from the final day of the Arica Chilean Challenge 2017, which saw PLC take the win in epic conditions.

#8a and #8b, Huge Pipe Swell // April Fools Weekend

Two sick rough cuts of footage from the big late season swell to hit Pipeline. Featuring Mike Stewart, Dave Hubbard, Jeff Hubbard, Guilherme Tamega and more.

#7, Jared Houston || Rehabilitated || Aus 2017

Jared Houston recently spent some time on the East Coast of Australia, here are some of his highlights. From EMERALD bodyboard specialist. Filmed: Samuel Rutherford, Christian Kalpou ,Tyge Landa. Edited: Samuel Rutherford.

#6, Shorebreak Madness Part 2: 2016/2017

Insane shorebreak action from the 2016/2017 North Shore season, featuring: Clark Little, Jacob Vandervelde, Jamie O’brien, Poopies, Andre Botha, Seabass Perez and Jonny Correa. Shoot and edit: Chris Kincade Photography.

#5 (and WB Editors pick), RIP [Full Movie]

In the not too distant, post BFC future a handful of lone draggers have survived the polypropylene apocalypse. Left to their own devices in this strange dystopian world they sink deeper and deeper into the pit of horizontal depravity – A film by DRAG.

#4, Humboldt Bay Jetty Rescue

People love drama, people love fails.. your number 4 has plenty of both. A witness went on to say:- “I thought he might be was suicidal until I saw the Arkansas plates,” Whiteside told us while reviewing his footage with us. “He just didn’t know.”

#3, 2017 Shark Island Challenge Highlights

2017 Shark Island Challenge Highlights brought to you by Emerald Bodyboard Specialists, OpenLIVE &

#2, “Portuguese Wedge” Bruno Dias

Bodyboarders LOVE walls, it is know!!! Bruno Dias, shot at one of Portugal’s favorite novelty breaks!

#1, Shark Island March 11th 2017

A sick clip in it’s own right, yet a surprising number 1. A rough cut featuring surfers and bodyboarders tucking into some Shark Island bombs in March.