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best bodyboard videos 2015

Incredible contest conditions, huge beatdowns, heroic feats and progressive technical riding, 2015 has been an epic year in the world of bodyboarding. Here is a countdown of the 10 most popular videos on Here is hoping 2016 will bring the same and more!

10: Wedge Newport Beach – 5/4/15

A session clip of the first notable Newport swell of 2015, bodyboarders and surfers take on the huge wedging closeouts.

9: Hubboards 2015 // Episode 2

Jeff and Dave Hubbard scoring some fun waves in Hawaii using all their latest Hubboards gear. Check out Dave Hubbard executing board transfers on the North Shore for the first time with the Hubb Lite Fun Size mini kick board!

8: Skeleton Bay Desert Fury

Andre Botha and Trish Waters bring you a unique look at Skeleton Bay, Namibia by pairing their land and GoPro footage. Filmed in May 2015.

7: Heaviest wipeout at The Right ever?

Damian Martin tackles what is arguably the heaviest wave ever ridden at “The Right”.

6: Itacoatiara Pro 2015 Highlights Day 4.

Highlights from Day 4 of the 2015 Itacoatiara Pro in Brazil, featuring some of the biggest, heaviest waves ever contested in.

5: 24 with Jared Houston

Our 2015 World Champion Jared Houston from dawn until dusk on one of the last days of the early 2014/2015 Puerto Rican season.


“Big pits, gnarly sticks, dancing sharks, esky lids. Mix some kneelo with a little sea bison and you’ve got yourself a filthy mongrel.”


A short film presented by FOUND BOARDS starring: Harley Ward, George Humphreys and Mitch Rawlins.

2: Raw Footage: Botha / Geiselman Rescue

Raw footage of the moment Andre Botha managed to get ahold of drowning surfer Evan Geiselman at Pipeline. You can clearly see Dre giving Evan rescue breaths while being pulled through the Ehukai rip! Truly an heroic feat!


The number one spot goes to one of (if not) the best bodyboarding movies of recent years, PASSING THROUGH!!