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My Story – Ben de Sá

Apr 17

“This video reflects my personal life.. I was 9 years old when I first started to bodyboard and for over a decade I couldn’t think about anything but being in the ocean. But one day, I had to make the hardest decision of my life and left bodyboarding behind. Everything comes with a purpose and everything goes for a reason.” – Luís “Ben” Coelho // Ben de Sá.

Directed & Edited by @Ben de Sá / @luisbendesa / @above.creators
Filmed by Daniela de Sá / Cláudio Matias / Pedro Luís Video / Delarue Films / Fredo David / Manuel Barbosa / Pedro Correia / Peniche Water Conection / Daniel Madruga / Nuno Dias / Máquina Voadora / Pedro Miranda / Heavy Water Films / João Veloso
Thumbnail photo: Hélio António
Partner: @Vert Magazine

Copyright © 2020, Ben de Sá, all rights reserved
Location: Portugal
Date: 2017 to 2020
Bodyboarder: Ben de Sá
Francisco Meco as Young Ben
Music: Duce Williams – Your name / Max Apollo – Don’t run away ( @Artlist )
Directed and edited by @Ben de Sá

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