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Allan Horton

Free Surf Bodyboard World Tour Athlete, Allan Horton, and film maker Michael Veltman have begun their collaboration to create a series of podcasts out of the wild and wave-rich coasts of the Western Cape, South Africa. The first episode shows Allan charging the slabs and beachies of the Boland, West and South.

The Story:
At the beginning of 2015 Michael moved to Cape Town from the East coast to study. After shooting and surfing some life changing locations, he quickly felt attached to his new home, the cold and raw locations and waves. Allan, a long time charger in Cape Town, got in contact with Michael after being approached with an invite to the FSB Africa Leg. The two began missioning and shooting together and with Allan’s long-time wave knowledge over a variety of different coasts, Michael was starting to see and shoot waves he never thought possible.

After a surprisingly poor and disappointing result (9th place) on the FSB African leg, Michael and Allan set out to redeem themselves with an epic bodyboard series with the focus of producing clips that displays the rawness and beauty of the waves and coastlines. The result – AFRICAN FIRE.

Presented by:
Michael Veltman
Rossi Board Co.
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