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Devils Horn
24th February 2014


This is the first podcast of a series called “Boogie Boulevard” which will consist of all the highlighted clips from “Lo-Flo” and all the other left over clips that were not used in that edit. All the footage was shot on the west coast of south Africa and Namibia, prime bodyboarding territory, with loads of hidden slabs and fat beach breaks.

“It was the time just after Beyers got one of the sickest covers Sixty40 ever had( ), taking off on a huge insanely shaped wave at the Devils Horn, a fresh new discovery by Cobus,Beyers and Jono. No one expected a wave of that magnitude in South Africa and off coarse all the waveriders that have the guts wanted to go surf it.”

“So the first decent swell came, the wind was not perfect but at least it was light, so we gathered a crew together and missioned up. The morning broke and despite the winter cold everyone was up early, excitement was in the air! While getting breakfast and coffee ready on the camp fire we spotted two random objects coming towards us at sea. As it came closer we realized that it was two jet ski’s and they have surf boards with them! This obviously caused a bit of a stir among our crew , “ hope they don’t try and dominate the line-up”, ”will they back off for the guy’s that paddle into the waves”?”

“Anyway, it was low tide(not the best, but doable) and a couple of decent empty’s broke, so the guy’s decided to paddle out. The surfers got on it first with the ski’s, but as soon as the bodyboarders reached the line up and started paddling into the waves, they backed off and gave them right of way and only took off on the ones the bodyboarders didn’t want. The respect between the two groups was amazing with absolutely no bad vibes!”