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09th February 2023

Flashback // Luna Park 2014

“The heaviest wave in Victoria – Luna Park. Known as ‘Poachers’ to a very select few brave and raw local Surfboard riders that live in surrounding areas. Two people to date have elaborated stories that add up, make sense and are valid – regarding knowledge of people who have surfed this wave, many years ago.”

“After infinite hours at this scarce and isolated part of Victoria, the number of random Snorkerlers/Divers/Poachers that come walking by, makes it understandable as to how the ‘claimed name’ of this wave got its origins.”

“Either way… when the first Bodyboarders aggressively tackled and regularly committed to this wave, it raised the bar for Surfing and Bodyboarding in Victoria like never before. And to a degree, Australia. The name that the original Bodyboarders chose, Luna Park, embarked an era that continues to live on… Much respect to all people and generations that have ever been involved in this wave.”

Featuring: Matt Young, Brendan Rowney, Miguel Maciiass, Damian Martin, Amaury Lavernhe, Brendan Newton, Michael Novy, Lilly Pollard, Glen Thurston, Tom Rigby, The Silver Bullet, Dave Selby, Liam Stokes and Chase Burns.

Presented by @ImageFilmz and @voyagesurfskiskate.
Music: The Motion Below – January 16th