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Knights Pro

The Choice Homes ABA Pro Tour headed into the deep south for the SunZapper Knights Beach Pro Presented By Hotel Elliot & Alexandrina Council.

Now the longest running professional domestic event in Australia, this left hand wedge continues to deliver not only some of the best constable & technical waves in the country, but also showcases the best bodyboarders in South Australia against some of the rest of the tour’s best athletes.

Jasper Ashmore & Dylan Beach were among those leading the charge – however there was a huge absence in the form of Marshall Watson.

It was however no surprise to see 2017 ABA Pro Tour Champion Lachie Cramsie push his case in defending his title at Knights against an aggressive Silas Ganciar in a hard fought final.

Music: This Is The Planet Earth – Julian Emery | Adam Noble
Licensed Via Audio Network
Filmed By: Brad Halstead
Edit: Michael Jennings Creative