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bodyboarding tasmania
15th July 2013

Tassie VID

Some of the footage Samuel Thomas and his brother have collected over the last year around Tassie. Additional footage Simon Treweek.

Dick (Richard Emery)
Thorpman (James Thorp)
Coco (Cohen Thomas)
Jezza (Jeremy Faulds)
G (George Webster)
Tibeh (Mathew Tildesley)
Benga (Charles Ward)
Swanny (Geoff Swan)
Treeksy (Simon Treweek)
Nicky G (Oliver Illingworth)
Green (cam green)
The Nut (George Bignell)
Areduck (Samuel Thomas)
Bug (Matthew Jaeger)
Otter (Harley ward)
Dreads (Edward Davidson)
Dodge (Henry Dodge)
Noodle (Nick Nairn Smith)
Barwick (James Barwick)