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uk bodyboarding
30th June 2017

Biskit THREE E13 Round up

A sick 7 minute round up, featuring the best footage from season 3 of Chris levi’s Biskit Diaries series.

Starring all the Biskit team:
Dan Catten, Brooke Mason, Tim Brown, Megan Penny, Jake Cooksley, Alex Winkworth, James Trevena
as well as Damian Prisk, Adam Jago, Yann Mestelan, Shane Meehan, Tom Gillespie, Taylor Prisk, Chris-Wayan Sugiriani Bray, Laurie McCall, Warrick Murphy, Bjorn Storey, Andrew Kilfeather, Richie Peters, Rowdy O’Door, Eldred Aggressor Hawke and a few others. Cameos from Jamie Osborne, Benjamin Howard, Ted Kernow and Lee Goodson .

Support: The Pit Surf Shop, We Bodyboard, Bodyboard HQ, Alder Sportswear, Action Sports Distribution.