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pierre louis costes

2 x World Champion and superstar of the sport, Pierre Louis Costes share his tips and techniques for learning how to perform the perfect backflip on a bodyboard.

All UK footage shot on the Bodyboard-Holidays Newquay Coaching Weekend.

5 key ingredients to the perfect backflip:

Clean Bottom Turn
A clean bottom turn is the first step towards nailing the perfect flip. As you drop in to the wave you’ll need to maintain a smooth line and drive hard off the bottom of the wave.

Speed is the key ingredient to successfully executing most moves on a bodyboard. The backflip is no exception and you will need to be hitting the lip with maximum speed in order to get high above the wave and projected upwards and outwards when performing the backflip.

As with speed, timing is also of huge importance when doing aerial manoeuvres on a bodyboard. You will need to perfect hitting the lip at just the right moment. Hitting it too early could mean not getting enough outward projection and doing your flip off the back of the wave. Hitting the lip too late could mean getting stuck under the lip and caught up in the white water.

A clean bottom turn, maximum speed and impeccable timing when hitting the lip are the key ingredients to pulling off the perfect backflip. Without them your move will not be as clean or technical as it could be and could look sloppy and weak. Through years of practice, Pierre Louis Costes has mastered these 3 things down to a fine art.

Arm Extension
Extending your inside arm just after hitting the lip can give you extra height and projection. Having your board extended away from your body not only looks good and is good style but it can also help you to spot your landing.

The Perfect Landing
After hitting the lip with good timing and speed you are going to need to nail the landing. By extending your inside arm out and throwing your head over your shoulder you should be able to spot your landing. You will need to be aiming to land backwards out in the flat and unbroken part of the wave. Once touching down you can spread your legs, using one leg to pivot on your board righting yourself and ideally carrying on with your ride.