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bodyboarding cribbar
02nd February 2021

The Cribbar Awakens !!

Legendary UK rider and all out charger, Rob Barber takes on the infamous Cribbar along with a bevy of top local stand up talent. Presented by Magicseaweed.

Original description from Magicseaweed:-“The UK’s big wave the Cribbar awakened over the weekend and into Monday for one of the biggest and cleanest sessions it has ever seen — as two powerful back-to-back storms rifled into Europe.”

“Above, we’ve got all the action (shot from a socially distanced location, of course) including all the wipeouts, all the makes and all the grizzling paddles back out that you’d expect when a large pulse of swell slams Newquay in Cornwall. For reference, Feb 1 in the vid is the big day from yesterday. Edit features Tom Butler, Pegleg Bennett, Rob Fowlie, Dom Moore, Matt Stokes, Rob Barber and more.”

Shot by Chris Levi, images by Clare James Photography.