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newport wedge

“The 4th of July had some of the most ridiculous waves i have seen at The Wedge. It was all fun and games until the cops kicked us out…”

“The forecast for the 4th was listed to be the biggest day in a few years. Next thing you know they announce they are closing down the beach in all of Orange County and LA. Had to risk it and go check it out. Being the first on on the sand i noticed the gates were open and it was go time.” – Words, Film and Edit by Brent Weldon.

Surfers include: Jamie O’Brien, Tyler Thornsley, Blair Conklin, Brad Domke, Sage Burke, Dawson Tylers, Dylan ZaZueta, Bobby Okvist, Trevor Collins and a lot more.

Bodyboarders include: Tanner McDaniel, Craig Whetter, Cory Bolter, Chad Barba, Kenny Kuypers and a lot more.

Drone Shots by Canaan Owens @simple_drone.