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newport wedge

“Filming big waves is one thing filming big waves from in the water is a whole different ball game. When your friends are charging you do what you have to do to get the shot of a lifetime. Sometimes that involves possibly taking a 10 to 15 ft wave to the head.” – Brent Weldon

These are just some highlights from some of the best swells throughout spring and beginning of summer at Newport Wedge.

Riders include: Mike Lucas (@mikelucas09), Tommy Cantrell @tommycantrel, Morgan Just (@morganjust), @wedgewhale, Jordy Collins (@jordy_collins), Parker Cohn (@parkerNichols_), Brad Domke (@braddomke), Alex Johnston (@bisonbonesjones), @cbginger, Tyler Thornsley (@tthornsley), JJ Ayala (@jjthedayala), Mason Ho (cocom4debarrelkilla), Timmy Reyes (@timmymissions)