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Another sick California based bodyboarding video from Wyatt Blair and his crew, this time spanning from February to May.

In his own words -“If you couldn’t tell, the first part of the video is a spoof on California, especially surfing.

The serious part begins at 1:20. Unfortunately, our waves have been rather pathetic this year. But, due to the determination of the videographers a few of the better moments managed to be captured. Contains very few of the typical Cali-Wedges, but one of it’s better beach breaks.

Featuring: Mike Bain, Colin Goddard, Cole Sullivan, Colin Secor, Johnny Gavin, Josh Seres, Nickiah Shetley, Ryan Rutkowski, Wedge Local “bigjackharris”, James Fairbanks, Tristan Ray, Gabe Michael, Jared Brown, Keaton Moody, Tommy Dolkas, Matthew Danskin, Carey Trabue, Jordan Vasu, Kai Franz, Brandon Nasr, Cody Cook, Omid Moraveji, Eric “Insta-King” Pierce, and Jacob Welchel.”