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newport wedge
21st August 2019

THE WEDGE 2019 Spring/Summer

“Love it or hate it this is what you get at The Wedge. You can catch either the best wave of your summer or the worst. If you think you are going to take a beating at The Wedge you are most likely correct. The locals always making it look way too easy as they almost always walk away with the waves of the day. If you know when to go you can find some days that are not as crowded which is hard to come by.”

“Being one of the most gloomy summers to date it has kept the crowd down (Somedays). Been nice being one of the only waterphotogs in the water as The Wedge gets crazy crowded with Surfers, Bodyboarders and Skimboarders. Now lets hope for some Hurricane Swells!” – Brent Weldon.

Surfers: Chris Mansor, Brad Ettinger, Teddy Navarro, Tyler Thornsley, Mike Harris, Mitchell Grant, Dawson Tylers, Tommy Cantrell, Brent Buechner, Greyson Fletcher

Bodyboarders: Jared Brown, Craig Whetter, Jacob Vandervelde Joe Suzuki, Cory Bolter, Whatsonot, Derek Hameister, Shawn Olson, Zac Milan

Songs: Middle Child- Mercy, A Trick of the Light- Villagers, NALL-Hope.