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George Humphreys

“Jennossss (aka Tom Jennings) & Strickossss (aka James Strickland) are FINALLY proud to present a “Three Amigos” collaboration of George Humphreys in full blown HD widescreen colour.”

“Almost jeopardised by the theft of a hard-drive from the Stricks car the boys have FINALLY got it done. When he’s not hanging with the miso, sweating it out on site laying bricks & pouring cement like an A grade mud sl*t George Humphreys, the man himself can be found taming caverns, ramps and all things party in WA. Some say a young Mitch, others say he never goes left & I’ve heard rumors of only being able to surf that half backwash wedge in Mandurah. Perhaps after viewing this video there are those that would beg to differ? My thoughts – This kid ain’t just a one trick pony.”

“Anyways it is without any significant backing and or further adue “The Three Amigos” are proud to present Cement Mixer – George Humphreys!”