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22nd December 2017

The Record – 2017

In Ashden Garrett’s own words:- “The summer was hot and drawn out. The waves weren’t great but there was a few days to be had around the cape. Local Mandurah residents said this year the Mandurah wedge was one of the best seasons of waves its ever had. Autumn wasn’t great, it wasn’t a classic season of forecasts that produce swells like bars of smooth butter. Some of the local secret spots turned on a few days but there was nothing major, before we knew it winter had arrived with all of its cold, wet and windy grief. Some specimens cannot bare the miserable weather and decide head off to Canggu to indulge in warm wedges and fresh coconuts. For the specimens game enough or who simply just cant afford a holiday get to enjoy the perks winter has to offer, deep dark ledges that swells merge and churn up thick heaving lips.

“The days began to get noticeably longer and spring had arrived with all of its qualities everyone loves. The sun glistened above the fresh blossoming native bush and the scent of nectar wafted by the currents in the offshore winds. There was plenty of laughs and smiles that came with the good weather. Now the year has swung around once again and we are at a new beginning.